Himalayan Salt Block

A Himalayan pink salt block can help you make healthier, more interesting, tastier dishes. They also go on a long way in beautifying your kitchen. You can not only cook on it, but you can use it to serve and display foods. Due to its crystalline structure, heat spreads evenly through the entire block rather than radiating from the middle and cooling toward the edges. Food prepared on it will cook at the same pace in the center as it will the outer edges. It also helps food hold its temperature, whether it’s hot or cold, which means you can leave it on your salt block without having to worry about it while you finish preparing other dishes. Cooking on a salt block not only helps to impart its delicious taste but its many health benefits too.

The amount that is actually absorbed can depend on several factors, however, like the oil content, thickness and moisture level of the food, as well as the temperature of the block. It’s excellent for helping to keep cool foods cool, such as fruits, cheeses, and meats. You can even leave raw foods on it such as sashimi, and they’ll actually start to cure, the longer they sit.